Horse Training, Colt Starting

Horse Training, Colt Starting

Whether introducing a young horse to the saddle, or providing a refresher course for the trained horse, it all happens here...

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Mountain Trail Clinics

Have fun introducing your horse to new experiences found out on the trail...

Equine Confidence Clinics

Where you and your horse can learn to overcome fear and accept the unexpected things that happen around him...

Horse Training

Do you have a horse that needs the basics or more? Here is the place to start...

Contact Debbie for more information here...

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Horse Training, Equine Confidence Clinics, Mountain Trail Clinics
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Debbie has been training horses professionally since 17 years of age when she had the opportunity to work for All Around Performance and Cutting horse trainer Art Graves. It was here she developed a good understanding of the steps and the patience required to develop a performance horse, while maintaining it's enthusiasm for the job. She chose a career in Nursing, working at Chilliwack Hospital, but has always contiuned horse training, claiming it to be her source of relaxation and self fullfillment. She has recently retired to devote all of her time to her clinics, training and following Levi's(son) Rodeo career.

Predominantly known for starting colts, Debbie is also well known for riding problem horses through 'behaviour modification', and instructing the rider how to continue with the process. She also takes horses from other disciplines, to provide them with alternate experiences tailored to enhance their performance, ie: trail riding, in-hand trail experience, introduction to cattle, and more.

After riding with Ray Hunt in Spain, Debbie discovered a new appreciation for the horses mind and the way they think. Her approach is firm but kind and is based upon the horses ability to learn. She has her basic goals for 30-60-90 days of training, but creates a program to suit each horse, taking into account the horses history and back ground, along with the owners expectations.

For any further questions, please contact her by phone or email.


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